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69 Relief Route | Mrs. Dixons Kindergarden 1948-1949 | Theaters in Jacksonville | J'ville Facebook Group | Class of 1929 |

69 Relief Route (Meeting Rescheduled)

Once again talk of a 69 Relief Route appears on the scene again.  The intention of the relief route is to improve traffic flow through the city of Jacksonville.

The idea of a relief route around Jacksonville first publicly appeared in 2006.

Citizens in Cherokee County who own property around the perimeter of Jacksonville need to take heed and attend the public meeting to be held Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018.  TXDOT states  the US 69 project study area is located in northern Cherokee County and begins approximately 5 miles north of Jacksonville, near Love’s Lookout and extends south to Craft.


Norman Activity
526 E. Commerce St.
Jacksonville, TX


Feb. 22, 2018
Time 5:30 - 7:30
6:00 PM presentation




Map of Study Area: http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot/get-involved/tyl/us69-jacksonville/011618-fact-sheet.pdf

Mrs. Dixon's Kindergarten

Many a young lad/lassie began their educational experience in Mrs. Dixon's kindergarted.  The kindergarted was located in the old frame Presbyterian parsonage at the corner of the two alleys separating The Newton house from the First Presbyterian Church and the First Presbyterian Church from the Methodist Church.

Below is a picture of the kindergarten class of 1948-1949.

Click on the image to enlarge.  If you can help name any of the members of the class please use the contact form found here.

Early Day and Current Theaters in Jacksonville

Alice Theater - located on Elberta St.(now known as Martin Luther King).

Capri - 108 E. Rusk Street, Found in 1966 City Directory

Chief - South Jackson

Cinnema 3 - Sounth Jackson

Clair - Owned by Ross Dorbant and named for his daughter Kate Clair.  The Clair was possibly located where the Rialto was.  Ross' grandaughter believes it was on Catfish Row.



Jackson Cinema 3 - 1708South Jackson

Palace - 1933 City Directory shows Palace theater was located at 215-217 E. Commerce.  At this time it was owned or operated by Ross Dorbant.

Rialto - 100 block of West Commerce

Predating the cinemas there was one or more opera houses.

New Facebook Group - Remember in Jacksonville when ...

For those who would enjoy a stroll down memory lane, check out the facebook referenced above. Currently there is an ongoing discussion regarding the first public water supply in J'ville.  The water supply was established in 1915 when M. L. Earle was the mayor.  Other councilmen included J. M.  Pressler, W. L. Dublin, M. P.Alexander, T. E. Gillespie, C. R. Nunally, O. L. Alexander.  At this point trail of ownership is incomplete. 

See: Old Municipal Water Supply

Jacksonville High School
Jacksonville, Texas
Class of 1929

Small booklet from a class reunion.  No date given.

Frank Wilson Adams
Mae Baker Shiflett
George Edward Bandeau
Vernon W. Bauguss
Major General John A. Ball III
Raymond Booth
Myrtle Bowman Lovell
Dorothy Bullard Feazell
Scarborough Butler
Faye Campbell Bounds
Janie Childs Lowry
Mary Colley Buchannan
Clarice Cox Lowery
Verda Davis Wallace
Charles H. Dobbins
Fred L. Ford
Major Lillian Alyne Gravis
Chester Howard
Harry Hurley
Carmen Jenigan Linder
Clarence Jenkins
Letha Johnston
Elizabeth Kimmer Gengnagel
Marie Lane May
Henry Linder
Margaret Mims Saunders
W. O. (Olin) Moore
Thomas Jones Musgrove
Elizabeth McCaleb Evans
Regina McClung Woodard
Doris McWilliams Haynie
Ruth Newburn Jennings
Allie Murl Nunn Rountree
Charles Nunn
James O'keefe
Catherine Pearson McNeely
Coke Ragsdale
Lee Ragsdale
Elred Rankin
Katie Lee Rankin Hoyt
Laverne Rawlinson
Ruth Sanders Nash
Ray Shoemaker
Alene Slider Ledbetter

Louise Walker Cashion
Opal Walker Starkey
Yola Yett Smith

In Memoriam
Wilton Burns
Edwin Fite
Jack Ford
Frank Morton
Raymond Pritchett
Ray Teer


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