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1926 Al'Britonian | 1932 Alexandra | Jackonville Golden Jubilee

Jacksonville History

Many of the founding fathers and first families of Jacksonville have been forgotten in the annals of Jacksonville recorded history. This site is dedicated to recording bits and pieces of Jacksonville, Cherokee County, Texas history.  Contributions,  comments, and dissenting views are always welcome. As information becomes available the site will be expanded.

Jacksonville College 1899-Present

Jacksonville College was organized in 1899 to meet the needs of the citizens of East Texas.  At the time of its organization it was called the East Texas Educational Society.

My parents Herbert Bell Smyrl and Frances Tucker attended Jacksonville College 1928 - 1930.  Some of their stories regarding college life seem so antiquated and straight laced.

One of their stories about Old Main dealt with segregation of the sexes.  The building was multi-storied and had two staircases.  Females used one stairway while males used the other.  Chapel was mandatory.  Girls sat on one side of the auditorium while boys sat on the other. 

Among my mother's possessions it the 1926 Al'Britonian. As a member of The Twin Arts Club she had a long association with  Jacksonville, Texas.  I cringe as I look at these old annuals.  Class members are not listed in alphabetical order.  Favorites are not named. 

The Al'Britonian, 1926

In 1926 the school offered both college classes and academy classes.  The academy consisted of freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes.  By 1926 the physical plant consisted of Old Main and the old girls dorm on Kikapoo street with its nice porches.

Senior Class

Ruby Jones - Jville Loma Sutton - Jville
Preston Tankersley - Jville Gay Sutton - Jville
Hobby Sutton - Jville Lillian Pool - Lindale
Mary Morton - Jville J. L. Shaddix - Hugh Springs
Allen Miller - Jville * Mary Nell Jenkiins - Jville
Abbie Ruth Stovall - Coleman Louise Franklin - Jville
Alma Sutton - Jville  

* Allen married Abbie Ruth Stovall and later became the president or dean of Jacksonville College.

Junior Class

Francis Clark - Jville L. E. Walker - Avery
Harold Brooks - Avery Iris Sherman - Maydell
Ruby Bruner - Longview Douglas Jernigan -  - Jville
E. K. Beckham - Dallas Mertle Hamlin - Taylor Ark
Nelleen Leggett - Fostoria Claudine Abernathy- Hugh
Mae Della Colley  - Jville Chester Albrittton - Jville
William Trull - Avalon Buna Anderson - Jville
Louise Bentley - Buffalo Alva Anderson - Jville
Wilma Jenkins - Jville (male pictured) Ralph Soape - Jville
Opal Roach - Maydelle Eula Cameron - Jacksonville
Verna Huffines - Richardson Floyd Williamson


B. J. Albritton - President
James Morgan, A. B., Dean, Business Administration
Miss Mina McClendon, M.A., Mathematics
Miss Anna Stille, M.A., Education
Miss Maydell Wallace, B.S. Home Economics, Hygiene
Sam R. Malone, M.A., Science
Miss Ruby R. Lewis, M.A., English
J. T. Luper, Jr., A.B., Th.M., Dean School of Bible
Miss Alma DeShazo, M.A., History
Mrs. Lottie D. Stevens, Dean School of Fine Arts
Mrs. J. T. Luper, Matron Collins Hall
Mrs. Ellen Hill Copeland, assistant in Piano
Mrs. Lillian Hancock, Voice

Ads from the 1926 Yearbook

J. H. Bolin, Rexall Druggist
Perry Bros. Variety Store
O. K. Tailor Shop
Helpy Selfy Store - J. P. and H. A. Douglas
Liberty Transfer and Storage
Palace Barberr Shop - R. H. Greenwood, Prop.
Gulf Public Service Company
Jacksonville Building and Loan
Jacksonville Drug Company
L. E. Frank
Ray Sales Company
O. K. Barber Shop
J. E. Dixon, Jewler
Denby Furniture Store
City Shoe Shop
Bolton and Shoemaker
J. L. Brown
Parker and Tipton - Drugs and Jewelry
Kimbro - Tucker Hardware

Lon Morris College

Seniors from Jacksonville listed in the 1932 Alexandra

Frances Acker Daughter of Tom and Vergie Acker
John D. Dashield  
Aldis Douglas  
Bernice Duty  
Russell Fox  
Virginia Jackson  
Ruth Jones  
Rebekah Lane  
Eula Mae McLeod  
Lenora Faye Newburn  
Grace D. Porterwood  
Velma Porterwood  
Crysup Sory  
Justin Walker  
Mrs. Laura Wilson  


Jacksonville Golden Jubilee

Among the treasured papers inherited from my dad's first cousin Martinelle True, is an old paper with pictures from the Jacksonville Golden Anniversary.  The paper is not dated nor do I find name of publisher. 
Since one page is a full page of Shelby County babies and since names of directors are switched as well as names for at least one float, I assume this could have been in one of the Houston papers.  The paper originally belonged to Aunt Nevie, my dad's sister who lived in Beaumont.
The headline reads,

A City's Golden Anniversary
Fifty years of progress at Jacksonville, "Jewel of East Texas." was celebrated recently by a great outpouring of citizens, new and old.

Photos by Huggins, Nichols Studio, Jacksonville.

Images include:

Not pictured in paper are:
Deason Auto, page 129 Centennial Book
First National Bank, page 211, Centennial Book
Langs, page 331, Centennial Book



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